Three reasons why Domracheva failed at start of 2017/18 season


Three reasons why Domracheva failed at start of 2017/18 season

Belarusian journalist Ruslan Vasiliev explained the unsuccessful performance of Daria Domracheva at the first stage of the 2017/18 World Cup.

"From the amateur point of view it seemed that the meteorological mess, and hence the problems for service groups, were least likely to appear on Friday. This is because during the women's sprint in Ostersund the frost, which was characteristic of the previous days of the Swedish stage, returned for a short time and had to last until the end of the race.

For this reason coaches were able to use the full depth of the starting protocol, and the same Domracheva was in the third group under number 54. Given the calmness on the shooting range, the belief in Daria's ability to compete for prizes was strengthening. But everything turned out exactly the opposite.

The skis again turned out to be of no help. Domracheva did not reach the finish line. On Friday the servicemen and coaches immediately began to deal with Darya's skis. But no one has revealed what is the root of the evil.

Perhaps the reason for the problems was in the summer decision by Danilo Mueller to pick Rossignol skis for Daria, which are bad in frosty weather on the type of snow that was in Östersund. Another version is in the tactical errors of the German serviceman, who cannot combine wax, frost and Rossignols. Finally, the third hypothesis, the most common and the saddest: Domracheva made a mistake deciding to switch from Fischer to the skis of another manufacturer," Vasiliev said.