Naviband releases new music video for song “Where do you live?”

Naviband releases new music video for song “Where do you live?”

The prominent Belarusian group Naviband, which represented Belarus at Eurovision 2017, has released a video clip to the song “Where do you live?”

The director of the clip is the producer of the duet Alexander Tobolsky. The successful producer had already filmed a clip for the group to the song “Historyja majho žyccia” (“The story of my life”). Alexander Tobolsky has commented on the event.

“The song turned out to be special, and we did not want to rush to film a video clip for the song. We had time to film the clip "Biažy" (“Run”), to record a new album. And once operator Oleg Girel suggested an idea of “romantics with the moon”, and it has brought us to what we have today.

As a result, the scenario for the video clip was written rather quickly,

but we had to persuade Ksenia and Artyom for some time”.

Ksenia Zhuk and Artyom Lukyanenko said that they are beginning a new page of their career and life with this video clip.

The new album of Naviband “Adnoj Darohaj” (The Same Road) will be released on December 8, 2017.

After that, the group will be giving presentation concerts in Moscow, Svetlogorsk, Gomel, Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno and Minsk.


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