Cyber criminal detained in Belarus’ Gomel

Cyber criminal detained in Belarus’ Gomel

A member of a cybercriminal group has been detained in the Gomel region.

The 34-year-old resident of Gomel sold scumware through the internet. One of his “buyers” was a USA FBI officer; the Belarusian sold him a Trojan “Andromeda”.

“Andromeda” is a computer program which attacks computers under the influence of Windows. It stops the activity of files which protect the computer whilst on the internet. Every year from 3 to 4 million computers worldwide get infected with “Andromeda”.

The resident from Gomel fulfilled the functions of an administrator of the forums, where cybercriminals communicated. Besides selling viruses, the man provided services of technical support.

For every successful deal he received about $500.

The 34-year-old has been charged based on Part 2 Article 354 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. The cybercriminal is facing from three to ten years in prison. The detained hard disks, other data storage devices and data of e-purses are being studied by investigators.


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