Belarusian NPP has 2nd reactor vessel installed

Belarusian NPP has 2nd reactor vessel installed

The reactor vessel was installed at the second power unit of the Belarusian NPP, said the press service of the ASE group of companies, acting as general designer and general contractor of the facility.

The reactor vessel at the second power unit was installed on December 2. This is one of the key events during the power unit construction. Also, this event is the starting point for the start of the installation of the major equipment of the primary circuit.

Installation of the vessel was conducted in two stages. The body itself has a total weight of more than 330 tons. The length is 11 m and its diameter is 4.5 m. First it was lifted to the transportation portal and moved into a sealed area on a special device on the rails. Then, with the help of a polar crane, the body was lifted into the central hall of the reactor compartment and installed on a support ring in the reactor pit.

Vitaly Medyakov, Belarusian NPP project vice president at the ASE Group of companies, said that this is a very complicated operation: "Since the entire weight load is on the support ring, the permissible deviation when combining the axes of the reactor vessel and the support ring is only one millimeter."

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