Why visit Svityaz Lake in Belarus?


Why visit Svityaz Lake in Belarus?

According to a legend, the lake was formed on the site of Svityaz, which by the will of the locals fell to the bottom, so as not to be captured by the enemy. This lake has an almost perfect round shape. The length of the coastline is about 4.5-4.6 km.

You can walk around it in 1.5-2 hours. The walk round the lake is worth it, because you can thus plunge into the fabulously mythical atmosphere of this lake. 

Because of its round shape it seems that you stand on one place and do not move. Only the water-pumping station and a gazebo on the shore as landmarks prove that this is not so. 

The banks are covered by an old forest. In many places, the ground is so trampled that fir roots rose to the surface and got covered by moss. This makes the fabulous atmosphere even stronger.

The water in the lake is crystal clear. 

The bottom consists of white fine sand and is very pleasant to the touch. The shore is very shallow.

The lake and its environs is a hydrological reserve of national importance and any activity bearing changes in nature is prohibited. This includes fires and tents. Although the ban does not stop some. In order to reduce clogging of coastal territory, the coast is patrolled. 

But don't worry: you can set tents in the forest across the road from the lake. 

You need to go a little deeper into the forest and almost immediately you can see places for parking with equipped fireplaces and gazebos. 

This is all free. Drinking water is available in the well at the entrance to the forest, but you need to politely ask the owners of the site on which the well is located. Usually they do not refuse.

Photo: postim.by