U.S. POLO brand opens store in Minsk

U.S. POLO brand opens store in Minsk

On December 2, the first US POLO ASSN store was opened in the shopping center Zamok in Minsk. The range includes men's and women's collections.

The Minsk store offers only clothes for now. In other countries, the brand sells also underwear, shoes, and things for children.

The female cardigan costs within $45-60, jeans are at BYN 75-105. Jackets on average will be $150. Prices for men's clothing are in the same range. 

In honor of the opening the store made a discount for some products at 20%.

The first buyers believe that the price tag at US POLO is not bad. One of them, David, says he is familiar with this brand, because he bought US POLO things abroad.

“I especially did not pay attention to compare the prices, but in Minsk the US POLO price tag is quite acceptable. They have a good quality of things and an inviting texture. But in Minsk the assortment is modest. I like their underwear, pajamas, shirts and trousers.”

Buyers pay attention that not many sizes are presented for now. 

The seller explained that the store has a size range for women from S to L, for men - from M to XXXL.

U.S. POLO representative Murat Ceylan explained that the company decided to enter the Belarusian market because Belarus is a friendly country to Turkey. "The profile of the buyer is suitable for us, too," the Turk noted.

According to him, in recent years the Belarusian market has been stable and subject to the tendencies that are going on in Russia.

“We have more than 100 stores in Russia. Why not be present in Belarus? It seems to us, with the help of franchising we will be able to present our brand in Belarus widely."