Hungary enjoys relations with Belarus at highest level, hopes for more business contacts

Hungary enjoys relations with Belarus at highest level, hopes for more business contacts

China pours a new stream into the life of Europe. Last week, 16 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, at the level of heads of government, discussed plans for cooperation with Beijing in Budapest. China builds relations with European states bypassing the European Union. I do not know why Hungary was chosen as the venue, but Hungary and Brussels have had a lot of disputes in recent years.

Prime Minister of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov participated in the Budapest summit too and called for more active use of Belarus to build bridges between Europe and Asia.

Belarus and Hungary both know the price of energy independence. Hungary is now preparing for the construction of the Paks-2 ultramodern nuclear power plant, which will add capacity to existing power units (they generate 50% of all energy in the country).

Dmitry Boyarovich:
As far as I know, the projects of the Belarusian NPP and Paks-2 are similar... Am I right?

Zsolt Hárfás, member of the Hungarian society Elektrotechnika:
Yes. We, like Belarus, have chosen the type of power unit of the 3+ generation. Six Eurocommissions that licensed the project of our station recognized that the power unit meets all the safety criteria. By the way, the American Power magazine named the sixth power unit of the Novovoronezh nuclear power plant the best in the world. Belarus and Hungary will have the same power units.

The suburb of Debrecen, 200 kilometers from Budapest. Ferenc Demeter - the owner of a pig and vegetable farm - has 150 hectares and 500 head of livestock.

Dmitry Boyarovich:
How difficult is it now in Hungary to engage in agriculture in the EU? A lot of pork from the Netherlands is sold in the Hungarian market.

Ferenc Demeter, head of a farm (Hungary):
We don't feel this that much since we deliver products to state institutions. But many farms have to reduce prices because of this. This is very bad for us.

Ferenc has four tractors "Belarus" on his farm.

Dmitry Boyarovich:
How does our machinery help you in your work?

Ferenc Demeter:
Your machinery does 50% of the work on the farm. It plows, sprays fertilizers, and feeds the animals.

Hungary is one of the 30 main trade partners of Belarus. Trade turnover between the countries is 150 million dollars. However, in 2015, this figure was 1.5 times higher - this proves that there is much potential ahead.

Belarusian tractors are famous in Hungary.

Today the MTZ vehicles occupy 30% of the total equipment market of Hungary. Every year, Hungarians buy about 1,000 tractors Belarus.

Sándor Dukát, director of a dealership company selling agricultural machinery (Hungary):
Belarusian tractors can be repaired directly in the field. We have six special machines with spare parts for them, they are even equipped with laptops. Repairmen arrive and service the tractor. This saves farmers money.

Sándor Makay, representative of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hungary, professor:
The last three or four years, the relations between the enterprises of Belarus and Hungary have greatly improved. They know that Belarus is a stable country and a stable partner. I personally saw your factories. They work at the highest level.

Jeno Faller, Investment agent of the Republic of Belarus in Hungary:
Belarus' MAZ and BelAZ trucks are very interesting for Hungarian partners. But the biggest positive aspect is absolutely good political relations at a high level between the two countries.

The Prime Minister of Belarus offered to use the potential of Belarus for the connection of Europe and Asia more actively. Andrei Kobyakov took part in the 16+1 summit in Budapest last week. And indeed,

Belarus has already built strong relations with China, so we can become not only a trade and logistics, but also an industrial and technological platform on the new Silk Road.