Central Europe interested in Belarusian IT developments

Central Europe interested in Belarusian IT developments

Europeans were interested in Belarusian IT developments. Last week Minsk hosted a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Central European Initiative.

The main topic of consultations is digital technologies in the context of geopolitical security.

Belarus is seen as a platform for international cooperation in the high-tech industry.

Sergei Rakhmanov, Chairman of a Standing Committee of the upper chamber of Belarus Parliament:
If we misuse the same information technologies that we have, it will create additional threats, which are already numerous. This is not only cybersecurity, it is, in fact, information wars. This is a transformation of the worldview.

Veroljub Arsić, Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of the Republika Srpska:
Belarus is leading in IT technologies in its region. This is a very topical area of ​​economic development. Serbia seeks to develop this direction in its region. I hope we will cooperate in the IT sector. Of course, we are talking about the direction that will move civilization forward the coming decades.

Natalia Zhilevich, Ambassador at Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus:
It's time to reflect on what we can give to the European community. Belarus can give a lot. And, in my opinion, today's discussion just shows that we are capable of giving a lot. First of all, Belarus is able to give its unique intellect.

Belarus for the first time presides in the Central European Initiative.

The organization is aimed at facilitating the strengthening of flexible and pragmatic European regional cooperation in order to prevent the formation of new dividing lines in Europe.