Skardino, Domracheva sum up first World Cup 2017/18


Skardino, Domracheva sum up first World Cup 2017/18

The first stage of the World Cup biathlon, held in Swedish Ostersund, opened the Olympic season in a very peculiar way. Events on the shooting range caused mixed emotions of fans in Belarus.

Belarus' shooter Nadezhda Skardino became the country's hope of this season after winning the individual event.

However, Darya Domracheva's shape and ski problems caused sadness. Let alone poor capabilities of the Belarus' men's biathlon team. Three-time Olympic champion of 2014 had a lot of headache with her Rossignol skis.

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After realizing the senselessness of the tortures on the track, Darya just withdrew from the sprint race, which, of course, left her without Sunday's pursuit. This is an unprecentented case, given Darya's fighting character.

On Friday, after the first race was not yet complete, the servicemen and coaches began to sort out what had happened to Darya's skis. Again they were convinced that her feelings were right - even the chosen best skis in the frosty weather lost to the options that the rest of the Belarusian biathletes had. What is the problem? Domracheva herself said she still does not know. 

Maybe Darya is sparing energy for the 2018 Olympics, which may become the last competition of such a scale for her.

Skardino's success in the individual race waned away in the sprint and pursuit, but things are not as bad as with Domracheva here.

The last sprint circle did not go well and Skardino admitted: "The snow was completely different than on Wednesday. It is slower. It was much harder to push the skis. Especially on the last lap, where I lost a lot of seconds. This is my negative tendency, which again made itself felt again today."

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She kept the fighting spirit for the pursuit: "12th place and losing less than a minute is, in fact, not critical. Especially since the days after the victory turned out to be very emotional."

In the pursuit, Skardino took quite high place, 6th. The Belarusian did not miss in the individual races, but allowed one penalty in the mixed relay.