Sergei Lavrov praises Belarus’ efforts in regulating the Ukrainian crisis


Sergei Lavrov praises Belarus’ efforts in regulating the Ukrainian crisis

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has given a big interview to the program “Picture of the World”. In his interview to Yuri Koziyatko, Sergei Lavrov commented on the provocative behavior of the USA, the missile-nuclear actions of Pyongyang and the situation concerning the 218 Olympic Games in South Korea.

Yuri Koziyatko:
How does the political top of Russia estimate Belarus’ efforts of regulating the situation in Ukraine? How unexpected was it? Was this initiative somehow coordinated with Russia or was it an impromptu?

Sergei Lavrov:
When President Lukashenko suggested Minsk as a means of platform for the dialogue of the “Normandy Four”, which was formed in June 2014, Russia supported it straight away. Now there is no point in saying whether it was coordinated or not. It was a sincere suggestion, which was supported by us straight away, and by the Ukrainian side, by Germany and France.

And I remember those 17 hours without any sleep and rest in February 2015, which gave a result in the form of a complex of measures on regulating the Ukrainian crisis, which was straight away approved by the UN Security Council unanimously. This complex still remains an absolutely non-competitive document allowing to regulate this crisis. The other thing is that not everything in the document is being fulfilled; nevertheless I think that we will continue the efforts. Including using Minsk, which still renders its possibilities for negotiations of the contact group and for negotiations, which will soon, I suppose, be renewed through the assistants to the heads of the “Normandy Four”.