Gérard Depardieu visiting Belarus once again

Gérard Depardieu visiting Belarus once again

The prominent French actor is once again visiting Belarus.

The last time he visited Belarus in September 2015 and he met with Alexander Lukashenko then. Belarus President showed the actor his residence and gave him a master class in hand-scything. Depardieu promised to come back to Belarus, with which he was undoubtedly impressed. And he has kept his promise and here he is in Belarus once again!

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The prominent French actor is known for his skills in professional wine making, therefore, he has come to Minsk to visit the Grape Wines Factory. Gérard Depardieu has been harvesting grapes from his plot of land since the 1980’, he personally choses the verities of grapes and controls all the production stages. Nevertheless, Champaign was discussed during the actor’s visit to the plant. Gérard Depardieu got interested Belarusian drink produced by “Ambassador” and in the secret of making “Soviet Champaign”. An excursion and a degustation were held especially for the foreign guest, he then said that he is impressed by the level of Belarusian wine making technologies.

“I am very mush so impressed by the quality of Belarusian Champaign made from Moldavian wine material. It has sourness of Chardonnay and elegance of Sauvignon. Today I have seen how much effort Minsk puts into the production of Champaign”.

After the excursion, the French actor held negations with the director general of Minsk Grape Wines Factory Ivan Trotsky on possible further cooperation.

Photo: guides.by