Belarusian local chemotherapy drugs 50 times cheaper than US analogue

Belarusian local chemotherapy drugs 50 times cheaper than US analogue

Producers emphasize there are only four drugs for local chemotherapy in the world, of which three are made by Belarusians.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to buy substances for most of Belarusian drugs abroad - in China or India. But there are exceptions: some substances for antitumor drugs are developed by an enterprise of the Belarusian State University (Unitechprom BSU, also spelled as Unitehprom BGU).

Unitechprom emphasizes that "Prospidelong" is a unique substance for the whole world.

Research into Prospidelong will take a year and a half or two at best. Soon the clinical use of the drug Cisplacel (Tsisplatsel) will be expanded (it is now used to treat brain cancer). In the future it can be used to treat oncology in the stomach.

Belarus fully satisfies the republic's need for such substances. Not large volumes are required. For example, about 1,000 surgeries related to brain oncology are carried out per year in Belarus. Cisplacel and Temodex don't suit everyone; somewhere around 600 surgeries a year are carried out using these drugs.

One of the key peculiarities of the drugs is that they act locally and are produced in the form of special napkins or powder to prepare the gel.

For example, after surgery to remove brain tumor the doctors place the Cisplacel wipes on the place of malignant education, after which they dissolve and release the active substance.

"There are four drugs in the world today for local chemotherapy. Three of them are in Belarus, the fourth ("Gliadel") is in the USA.

The American drug costs $15,000-18,000 per dose. The Belarusian medicine is almost 50 times cheaper.

By the way, the results of studies of Belarusian antitumor drugs published in several countries show their effectiveness: both duration and quality of life of patients increased.

Photo: Healthline