Pornhub reveals Belarusians' sexual preferences

Pornhub reveals Belarusians' sexual preferences

A popular online website Pornhub has published statistics for its users over the past year. There is something about Belarus there, too.

Belarusians were in the last ten countries in terms of average time spent on pornography. On average, the Belarusian devotes 7 minutes and 13 seconds to this. It is noteworthy that Ukrainians have similar indicators.

"It is important to understand that mostly men watch porn," says psychologist Pavel Zygmantovich.

"And this time of viewing shows that men pursue strictly utilitarian goals on porn sites. They are hardly interested in getting aesthetic pleasure from pornography - they just need visual stimulation."

Probably, such data can testify to the utilitarian attitude of Belarusians towards sex. At least, to masturbation. Of course, it would be nice if we were waiting for sex to bring us aesthetic satisfaction, too. This would be useful for both men and women.

Some time man spends on search, the main part is devoted to excitement, and then ejaculation. It's hard to say whether it's bad or good. If we talk only about watching pornography, then it's not at all scary. But if we are talking about the same attitude to intimate life outside the Internet, then it's sad.

Anal became the most popular category, based on the requests of Belarusians for Pornhub. By the way, the same interests are in Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany.

Meanwhile, the interests of Belarusians in 2016 changed: in 2015, the most popular category among Belarusians was Mature (porn involving older participants).

Young people who seem to be sexually liberated are in fact not much more advanced in these matters. Back in Belarusian history, even peasants knew perfectly well about all kinds of sex and masturbation - it was perfectly adopted in Belarusian folklore.

According to Pornhub, about 30% of the website visitors from Belarus are women. This figure is higher than the average for the world - 26%.

If you look at the European figures, then we have one of the highest percentage of female views. Only Latvia has more.