Nadezhda Skardino: Interesting facts


Nadezhda Skardino: Interesting facts

She grew up in a large family

Nadezhda has two brothers, as well as four sisters. One of the sisters Sofia skied. The youngest girl, Maria, played tennis a little. However, the most sporting person in the family is nephew Stepan, who plays football. She says the boy has a great future.

Two homelands

When asked who Nadezhda considers herself to be more, Belarusian or Russian, the biathlete answers that both countries are dear to her. She was born in St. Petersburg, but the last nine years she has been competing for Belarus.

"I decided on the city. My hometown is St. Petersburg. But I'm both Russian and Belarusian.

"In Belarus people are somewhat kinder. I noticed this when I came to St. Petersburg and went in the subway. Everyone is evil and self-concentrated. Belarusians are more free in their behavior."

From skiing to biathlon

It's hard to believe, Nadezhda did not always deal with the rifle. Now she says that "shooting is pleasure". Skardino came to biathlon from cross-country skiing, where she did not had much success. She even intended to finish sporting career.

Once Belarusian coach Zakharov offered her to try herself in biathlon and Nadezhda began to perform as part of Belarus. Skardino never did biathlon in Russia.

In fact, she grew into a high-class athlete in Belarus.

Eye problems

Now Nadezhda is one of the most accurate biathletes in the world. In January 2014, she set a world record when she passed 17 races without a miss.

This is especially impressive if we recall that Skardino's eye disease is astigmatism, in which vision can fall. "The disease has reappeared, as I often shot and my eyes were often strained, my vision deteriorated greatly in a short period," Nadezhda said.

Then she had surgery, but doctors do not promise that the disease will never return.

Small biathlete

Biathlon is not a sport of big people.

Nadezhda is only 160cm and her weight is 50 kilograms.

At the same time, she is not the smallest biathlete: Germans Henkel and Gössner are even smaller.


The first major success came to Skardino in 2007. She won as part of the women's relay team. 2011 is remembered thanks to two high results at once - third place at a world cup stage and the bronze medal of the world championship.

In 2012, Nadezhda won the first individual medal - bronze in the sprint, as well as second place in the relay race.

The 2014 Olympic year was the most successful for the biathlete in 2014. The athlete made it to the podium four times at World Cups, and also became the bronze medalist of the Sochi Olympics in the individual race.

In 2015 Skardino continued to prove that she is an indispensable relay participant. At World Cups, the Belarusian team won silver and bronze medals. 2016 began for the biathlete with a victory in the European Championship, held in Russia's Tyumen. The sportswoman did not leave her rivals a chance in the 10km pursuit. In 2017, Skardino won the individual race at the opening World Cup in Sweden's Ostersund.


Nadezhda is considered one of the most beautiful biathletes in the world. This list also includes her team-mate - Olympic champion and leader of the Belarusian team Darya Domracheva.

Best sniper

The native of St. Petersburg has been repeatedly recognized as the best sniper of the world biathlon. 

She prefers to compete in mass starts and relay races. She is a team player by nature. Skardino is more confident in shooting from the standing position.

Skardino says she is number 2 in the team, after Darya Domracheva.


Nadezhda is a very versatile girl. The biathlete loves active pastime: various hikes, volleyball and rock-climbing. She also loves knitting something simple like gloves and socks for her relatives.