Second Belarusian gets YouTube Silver Play button

Second Belarusian gets YouTube Silver Play button

Another Belarusian has won a Silver Play Button from YouTube. The service gives these awards to those who were able to collect 100,000 subscribers.

The channel of the 39-year-old Pavel from Orsha "The road to the film" has already gained more than 127,000 people. Some of his videos have over 1m views. The videobloger does not know what his secret is but admits it brings him some money.

"When the postman brought a telegram with the message about a parcel, I did not believe that this is a button," the video blogger shares his emotions and recalls how it all began a year ago.

"I remember writing a comment under a video of one famous rap singers. After some time, I wanted to edit my comment. Then again. As a result, two weeks later, instead of a usual commentary, I had a ready story for a film that I want to make. But first I began to shoot videos. I shot and did not pay attention to anyone, I just did what I like."

"I started shooting at 38, so as not to regret at 60 that I did not pick up the camera at 38," Pavel adds.

He does not have a common idea which would unite his videos. He shoots about life - travel, auto reviews and even his training sessions.

"For the first six months my channel was absolutely dead. At best there were 700 subscribers. And then people suddenly began to watch. I remember once I woke up, and had plus 100 new people. In a week, there were 5000. Then everything died out, then it came to life again," he says.

Pavel says one can live off of Youtube, but only if they make decent and interesting content.

Prior to Pavel, the first Belarusian to have gotten a Silver Play Button was Alexei Rudoi from Glusk for 100K subscribers to his channel Simple Stuff («Простые штуки» on Youtube).