Skardino criticizes Koukalová comments on Russian athletes


Skardino criticizes Koukalová comments on Russian athletes

Belarusian biathlete Nadezhda Skardino shared her opinion about doping problems in the Russian national team.

"It's very difficult for me to assess the entire situation - it sometimes seems to me some criminal detective. As if someone wrote a very good and interesting story in which it is impossible to predict the ending. But in general this is a very sad movie, bad. I would like it to end soon.

I constantly communicate with girls from the Russian team, with the same Katya Yurlova, we once competed in St. Petersburg in one team.

I am definitely for clean sport, but I really feel sorry for Russian athletes, especially those who are currently training and preparing for the 2018 Olympics. For many, these Olympic games are the first in their career, and I do not understand why these athletes should be responsible for something that has nothing to do with them. They are not guilty of anything," Skardino said.

The Belarusian, who got the first victory at the World Cup yesterday, commented on the statement of the Czech athlete Gabriela Koukalova, who called to ban Russia from Pyeongchang 2018.

"I think this is an incorrect and ugly position. Gabriela cannot judge anyone, because she does not know how or what actually happened. None of us knows this.

She is an athlete, she must run, if she is strong, no one prevents her from winning, but it's simply not our business to get into politics," the Belarusian biathlete noted.

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