Skardino: I am number two in Belarus biathlon team


Skardino: I am number two in Belarus biathlon team

Biathlete Nadezhda Skardino from Belarus won gold in the individual 15 km race at the World Cup in Sweden's Ostersund.

The Belarusian athlete passed the distance with the result of 42 minutes and 57.4 seconds. Skardino, being one of the best biathlon shooters of Belarus, did not allow a single penalty.  This victory was the first in Skardino's career in individual races at the World Cup stages.

After the victory, the sportswoman noted that she is happy and that the current "victory is a gift not only for me, but for my mother. She celebrated her 65th birthday on November 28."

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko also congratulated Nadezhda Skardino on winning the gold medal.

Another Belarus' biathlon star and Olympic champion Daria Domracheva took only 14th place in the race. She missed three times at the shooting range, but showed good speed.

In an interview with, Skardino did not agree with the journalist that she was in the shadow of Daria Domracheva.

"Well, I was number 2 in the team," says Nadezhda, "but not in the shadow [of Domracheva]. I was on my place. The attitude towards me was consistent with my results."

Until now, the best achievement of Skardino was second place in the pursuit race at the World Cup in Anterselva in January 2014. In February 2014, at the Sochi Olympics, Skardino took "bronze" in an individual race (Domracheva won "gold" back then).