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Belarus among lowest personal income countries in Europe

A German research company GfK has as studied the incomes of people living in 42 countries and drawn up the Purchasing Power Europe 2017 rating, according to which Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova have the lowest personal income.

The research of the German company showed that the average income of a European citizen is about 13,937 euros a year and that is including all the tax deductions. The citizens of Lichtenstein are the best-off. The average income of an individual sums up to about 63.2 thousand euros every year. Lichtenstein is followed by Switzerland (42.1 thousand euros) and Iceland (33.4 thousand euros).

However, the rating also determined the regions with the lowest income in Europe and

the regions are Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Unfortunately, the press release did not give any concrete data about the countries.

Nevertheless, the situation with salaries has improved in Belarus since October,

the average salary summed up to BYN 841 (approximately $428), what is 9.7 rubles more than in September.

This is the salary without tax deductions. In accordance with preliminary calculations, Belarusians receive BYN 723 in average and that is including tax deductions.

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Belarus among lowest personal income countries in Europe