This girl made Belarusian stadium Traktor world-famous (photos)

This girl made Belarusian stadium Traktor world-famous (photos)

The photo was taken at the Traktor stadium, an old and small arena in Minsk, where FC Dinamo Minsk holds their home games. Dinamo Stadium is now undergoing renovations.

The girl caused worldwide interest in this... stadium.

The photo was taken in the summer of 2017. "I didn't know this would be a good photo, but immediately after I posted in on Instagram, I started to get more and more subscribers," says the author, Olga, 26. This was a friendly match between Belarus and New Zealand.

She is fond of sport and often spends free time in gym. Her Instagram photos definitely prove it.

Football fans around the world have been fascinated by the photo. "Some write to me asking whether they can use this photo, cause it's viral. Others just don't ask for permission. In general I'm pleased with people's reaction," Olga adds.

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