Italian selling house 22km from Minsk for about $1m

Italian selling house 22km from Minsk for about $1m

The house is located 22 kilometers from Minsk, in the village of Treskovshchina (Rakovsky direction). Behind a large plot is the bank of the Isloch River and an old brick mill. The mansion was built for an Italian named Giacomo. The project was designed by the Belarusian architect Marina Matsel.

The owner is from Milan, he often visits Belarus and wanted a place to live.

The area of ​​the house is 300 square meters. It is built from natural materials: walls from timber, the roof is slate shingles. Windows are from double-glazed, from wood.

On the first floor, there is an entrance hall, a living room, a dining room and a kitchen.

Interior doors and everything that concerns internal carpentry, kitchen from solid oak - everything was produced in Belarus.

The floor of solid pine is covered with a quality composition (oil and wax) of a famous German manufacturer, so that there is a feeling of a slightly weathered wood.

Fabrics on curtains and sofas is all flax, wool, cotton, cashmere or a combination of these fabrics.

On the second floor of the house there are three bedrooms, each of them has a bathroom.

The master's bedroom has a fireplace, a dressing room and a balcony overlooking a lake. The bathroom is equipped with hammam.

The architecture is closer to Anglo-American classics, although designers wanted to create a Belarusian-European house.

The mansion is heated by natural gas.

In addition to the automatic heating system the living room has an open fireplace, and in the main bedroom there is a closed fireplace. All wet rooms have a forced ventilation system: four bathrooms, the Turkish bath (hamam), a furnace room, a cloakroom in the master bedroom and the kitchen.

Nearby there is a guest house, which has survived from the previous owners of the site.

It was dismantled, cleaned and built again. Inside the house there is a small bedroom, kitchen and a living room - all furnished with furniture from IKEA.

The house is priced at $970,000. Transactions in Belarus can be made only in Belarusian rubles