Atlant Telecom clients handed over to Velcom

Atlant Telecom clients handed over to Velcom

The Belarusian internet provider Atlant Telecom is history now; all the clients of the company are now being passed onto Velcom. This was announced during a press conference. Now Velcom will be a telecom-company which will unite mobile and fixed internet.

Velcom announced about its intention to buy Atlant Telecom as far back as in November 2016. Nevertheless, it did not influence the users of Atlat Telekom. One year on mobile provider announced its transition to the united brand of fixed internet and abut it plans to develop TV and fixed network.

The deputy director of Velcom department of fixed connection and integration Anton Bladik commented on the issue.

“The event is important not only for the users, but for the whole market: Velcom has become the largest player on the market of fixed internet traffic. At the moment the company is planning to even more actively develop the network by mean of building more infrastructures and buying the acting players”.

From December 1, 2017 Atlant Telecom will transfer its rights and responsibilities on the agreements with clients to Velcom. However, what should the clients expect?

A contact center with a mutual telephone number 150 is currently working, soon Velcom is planning to unite billing systems, it will allow to integrate mobile and fixed products. During the first week of December, Velcom will launch a tariff “Domashny” (Home), which will substitute the current tariffs for private customers of the fixed network. What is more, the users will have access to non-limited internet with a speed of 100 MB per second. The new tarrifs will be available for users in Minsk, Gomel and the Gomel district, Vitebsk Bobruisk, Mogilev.

Corporate clients will be offered new tariffs as well.

The internet speed will start off from 12 Mb per second. The fixed network is also being planned to expand so that such networks appear in new places as in Brest, Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Zhlobin.

At the beginning of 2018 the clients of fixed internet will be switched to the single platform TV voka. What is more, Velcom is planning to sell Smart TVs with a subscription to voka next year. The company will be paying a lot of attention to TV contents and it will allow competing with other players in the market, for instance, with the leader in this sector Beltelecom.

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