Mother from Belarus finds kidnapped kid 4 years later

Mother from Belarus finds kidnapped kid 4 years later

November 27 in the Crimean city of Kerch, a man called the police because a woman allegedly wanted to take his son. Everything turned out exactly the opposite: after 4 years, the mother found the kidnapped child. Information about the search for the 10-year-old Roman Smolev is still on the Interpol website, but he is already going home.

Upon the fact of the unknown disappearance of Roma Smolev, a criminal case was opened. He was put on the international wanted list. But the results did not come.

On the birthday of the boy, November 19, 2017, the searchers from the "Angel" detachment asked the Russian colleagues to once again place a notice about the child. And a miracle happened: two women called from Kerch - they recognized the child.

Mother of Svetlana Rudenkova hastily collected all the necessary documents and went alone for her son.

Mother found the son and showed media a court decision as of November 2013 on the deprivation of the child's father of parental rights, because he violated the order of meetings. So he actually kidnapped the boy. He apparently took him to Ukraine using someone else's passport.

According to the decision of the Belarusian court, the only legal representative of the boy is his mother, and he can live in his homeland - in Belarus - only with her. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus has prepared a document on the boy's return to his homeland.

"We were so well received in the Crimea! So competently and professionally, humanely! The police, the prosecutor's office, the FSB were raised on alert. Well, that's it! And everywhere they said: "This is our first time in our practice, this is a true detective story..."

The man is being questioned by the police. According to the Belarusian mother, he could not provide the police with any documents, except for an expired passport and driver's license.

"The man apparently hired a home teacher for his son. I do not know what will happen next and whether he will let us live peacefully," said Roman mother.

The only thing she is dreaming about is to jump on the plane with her son and run away from this story and start everything anew.