Autodesk opens regional office in Minsk

Autodesk opens regional office in Minsk

Autodesk has opened a regional center in Minsk. The company has already employed 10 workers and the company will continue to develop. Currently, the office in Minsk is cooperating with Autodesk clients on the territory of the CIS.

Autodesk is the largest supplier of software for industrial and civil building, machine engineering and the industry of entertainment. The headquarters of Autodesk are located in the Silicon Valley in the USA. Autodesk develops software for architects engineers, constructors and digital artists.

Among the popular software programs are AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360, Netfabb and others.

The Autodesk office in Minsk is searching for new employees, the specialists of the new center will also be working in accordance with international standards. Nevertheless, all the sales will be conducted through local partners of Autodesk. What is more, analogue offices have also been opened in Barcelona and Jordan.

The Director General of Autodesk Anastasia Morozova has commented on the opening of a new office of the company in Minsk.

“Thanks to moving towards sales by subscription, the number of clients has tremendously increased and the number is continuing to grow. Therefore, Autodesk needs more people. From the point of view of the local legal system of Belarus, Minsk turned out to be the most profitable place for establishing this center”.

Dmitry Kalitein has been appointed the director of Minsk Autodesk center, who previously held the post of the director of the small and medium business department in Moscow Autodesk office.

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