Coach Lewis about progress of living standards in Belarus


Coach Lewis about progress of living standards in Belarus

The head coach of the national Belarusian ice hockey team Dave Lewis from Canada has given an interview in one of the programs of the Belarusian TV Channel Belarus-5, where he commented on the changes which have taken place in Belarus since he came to the country in 2009. The Canadian coach noticed that considerable changes have taken in Belarus.

“If to compare with 2009 when I just arrived in Belarus, the progress of the country is vivid. New good roads have appeared comfortable ice palaces and good hotels. Belarus is making headway. When the first World Ice Hockey Championship was held in Minsk, the Belarusian Ice Hockey Association suggested looking at different cities as Brest, for instance”.

Besides the changes which have taken place in Belarus, coach Lewis also noted the openness and hospitality of Belarusian people.

“Belarus makes an impression of a nation for which ice hockey is everything.

Quite often people recognize me and ask to take selfies with them. A typical Belarusian likes working and he cares about his family. Belarusians like support. However, the fact that you look sad and don’t smile – it is a protective barrier in a way”.

In his interview David Lewis said that he cannot compare the life in Belarus and in Canada, nevertheless, he noted, that the two countries have similarities.

“I cannot compare the level of life in Belarus and Canada. I grew up in a very poor family. In Belarus, just as in Canada, you can see glass skyscrapers, expensive cars, nice hotels and restaurants. However, there are settlements both in Belarus and in Canada, where things are completely different.

There isn’t a country in the world with stable economy; economy has a tendency to be cyclic”.

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