Minsk foggier than London, weather forecasters say


Minsk foggier than London, weather forecasters say

Climatologists have calculated that on average there are more foggy days in Minsk than in London, the capital of Great Britain, which is metaphorically called the foggy Albion, especially in Russia and other former Soviet republics.

According to experts, Minsk has an average of 65 foggy days a year, while London has 45.

Climatologists explain this by the fact that Minsk is almost 220 meters above sea level.

According to the weather forecasters, the overwhelming number of foggy days fall on late autumn and winter - almost 80 percent of the number of such days in the year.

According to experts, the foggiest summer month in Belarus is August, and in the autumn it is November.

November 1986 was the foggiest - there were 20 such days in a month. Another record, but less modest, was in November 2014 - foggy days lasted for almost two weeks in Minsk without stopping.

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Photo: Vadim Kachan