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Serbian Deputy Parliament Speaker praises Belarus’ IT sector

Digital technologies under conditions of geopolitical security. This issue became the center of attention of the CEI Parliamentary Assembly. The event is being held in Minsk. According to the words of the Chairman of the Council of the Republic Mikhail Myasnikovich, Belarus may become a platform for international cooperation in the IT industry.

Today Belarus is implementing electronic technologies into practically all spheres of life: from electronic government to paperless trade. What is more, the project of electronic healthcare is currently being developed. The World Bank is is going to finance the project.

Veroljub Arsić, Deputy Chairman of the Parliament of the Serbian Republic:
Belarus is the leader in IT sector in its region. It is a very prospective sector of economy. Serbia is aiming at developing this sector in its region. I hope that Belarus and Serbia will be cooperating in the IT sector.

Belarus is holding the chair in the CEI Parliamentary Assembly this year for the first time. The mission of the CEI is to help non-EU states on their way to the European Union.

Serbian Deputy Parliament Speaker praises Belarus’ IT sector