Christmas fairs to take new format in Minsk

Christmas fairs to take new format in Minsk

The two most important magical celebrations everyone is waiting for with great excitement are on their way. Belarus is getting ready to welcome Christmas and New Year. But how will Minsk be meeting New Year and Christmas this year?

Christmas fairs in Minsk will be held in a different format this year. Just as before, the main trading points will be located in two places – near the Sports Palace and in Oktyabrskaya Square (December 15-January 15, and December 15-23). Oktyabrskaya Square is going to surprise its visitors this year, Minsk residents and guests of the capital will see new decorations of the Square, there will be many Christmas lights, the central New Year tree will take a different look, and

there will also be a “winter garden”-a specially decorated park near the Palace of the Republic.

The fairs will have a traditional Belarusian color; food will be sold from special wooden houses. What is more, new equipment has been built for baking drank (traditional Belarusian potato pancakes). New Year presents, souvenirs, toys, sweets and chocolates, pastries, hot mulled wine, draniki, pancakes and a lot more.

The Christmas fair “Kalaydnaya zorka” (Christmas star) will be held on December 23 near the Sports Palace. If you are not planning to sit at home, you can go to the New Year Night’s fair near the Sports Palace as well, it will welcome guest till 4 a.m. of the first day of the New Year.


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