First apartment in Belarus on sale for bitcoins

First apartment in Belarus on sale for bitcoins

An unusual proposal appeared on a popular Internet site: an apartment in Minsk is sold for crypto currency! Two prices were named: BYN 399,999 Belarusian rubles or 30 bitcoins. Although on Tuesday one bitcoin cost more than $10,000.

"Bitcoin grew, but I advertised the announcement a couple of weeks ago when it cost $7,000." In any case, even when I am paid Belarusian money I will buy lightcoin, etherium and bitcoin," explains Konstantin, the owner of the apartment.

- If one of the buyers comes with a crypto currency, how will you make out the deal? In Belarus, by law, this can only be done in Belarusian rubles.

- An exchange agreement will be drawn up. There is no other option.

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- Do customers often call you? Or just journalists?

- Infrequently. Ordinary buyers come to see the apartment, they have nothing to do with crypto currency.

- Have you been interested in crypto-currencies for a long time?

- It's been a year already.

- There are skeptics who believe that crypto-currencies are a soap bubble. Do you think that they have a future?

- Definitely! Skeptics simply do not understand the essence of it. A bitcoin was formed in 2009 and cost less than a cent. And now you see the price! It is limited in quantitative terms - there may be 21 million bitcoins in all, and about 13 million have been mined. It will be mined at least until 2040. 21 million bitcoins for the whole world is a negligible quantity. If you bought a bitcoin for $1,000 a year ago, now you would have $10,000.

- Do you think that in the near future crypto-currencies will become a payment element?

- I am sure this will be the case, including in Belarus. It seems like a decree is being prepared in December. I think next year we will adopt a law on crypto-currencies. For Belarus this is the only possible aggregator of economic growth. If we introduce all crypto-currencies into the legal field, investments will be attracted here, this will be a powerful driver of growth for the Belarus economy. There are no other options. I'm sure the President understands this.

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