Belarusian wins $50,000 in online show “Public Games”

Belarusian wins $50,000 in online show “Public Games”

Minsk resident Viktor Kasavtsev participated in an online show “Public Games” and became one of the winners. The prize of the project is $50,000.

Viktor is 26 years old, he used to work in a bank in Minsk, and however, in 2017 he quit his job and decided to partake in reality shows. This is how he was chosen to participate in “Public Games” among 279 thousand applicants.

“Public Games” is a project organized by publics of the social network VKontakte.

More than 50 cameras were filming the show from October 9 till November 25.

According to the rules of the “Public Games”, the participants of the show had to live under one roof for 48 days at the sea side. The main task of the participants was to create something that would attract the audience; what is more, the participant had to regularly go through sports challenges.

Finally, when there were only two contestants left, the final challenge was held. The competitors had to stand on a post above water for as long as it was possible. Nevertheless, Viktor Kasavtsev from Minsk and a citizen of Moscow Aleks Tapper stood on the post for more than 14 hours and they shared the victory. Each of the contestants will get a prize of $51,000.