Belarus creates information security commission

Belarus creates information security commission

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree on the interdepartmental commission on security in the information field.

The commission was created to "improve the effectiveness of the activities of entities that perform tasks to ensure security in the information sphere" and improve the interaction between the participants in the development of information society in Belarus. It is planned that the work of the new body will increase the efficiency of the state administration in terms of ensuring national security in the information environment.

Heading the commission is State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Stanislav Zas.

"We are not going to create any new state bodies and organizations, we are adjusting the existing mechanisms of management and coordination in accordance with the requirements of the time. The task of the commission is first of all to ensure the coordinated work of the departments," the official said.

The new collegiate body includes the heads of the Security Council, the Presidential Administration, the concerned state bodies (KGB chief Valery Vakulchik, Defense Minister Andrei Ravkov, Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Shunevich), deputies of the Parliament, heads of some media (ONT TV channel, Belarus Today) and Minister of Information of Belarus Alexander Karlyukevich.