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Germans used Belarus visa-free regime most often in 2017

In 2017, more than 54,000 foreigners visited Belarus using a five-day visa-free regime, said Marina Mastashova, the consultant of the Tourism Department of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of Belarus.

According to her, foreign tourists from 67 countries visited Belarus in 2017. "Most of them are German citizens, more than 8,000 people," said Mastashova.

Visa-free regime for foreign tourists in Belarus began to operate in February 2017. According to it, foreigners can visit Belarus for five days through National Airport Minsk without a visa. They don't need registration if they aren't planning to stay more. This regime applies to citizens of 80 countries around the world. 

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Belarus also announced that it could extend the visa-free stay for tourists to up to 30 days.

German tourists using Belarus visa-free regime most often