Drone no-fly zone map for Belarus released

Drone no-fly zone map for Belarus released

The National Cadastre Agency of the State Property Committee of Belarus has added no-fly zones for drones on the public cadastral map of the country.

The map could be found here (in Russian). It contains a special layer "No-fly zones for unmanned aerial vehicles (aircraft models)", it displays the restricted areas, the perimeters and their brief description.

The largest zone is the border area with Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine, its area is more than 8,500km.

"It is also forbidden to fly over airports, airfields, military units, and some facilities in large cities," the State Property Committee said.

At present a number of normative acts are in force in Belarus that regulate the use of UAVs. These documents lay out the territories where it is impossible to use drones, the maximum altitude of flight, the requirements for the weight of these aircraft and their labeling.

Now the list of areas where UAV flights are prohibited includes 80 territories.