Belarus into top-10 countries with cheap broadband connection

Belarus into top-10 countries with cheap broadband connection

Today we live in a high-tech world where too many things happen too quickly. The modern world is developing fast and sometimes it is rather difficult to keep up with the new inventions and developments. Nevertheless, one can hardly imagine life today without the internet, which gives you access to another world, to communication and knowledge.

Not everyone has this wonderful opportunity, and one of the main reasons is that using the internet may be too expensive. However, Belarus is not the place. An independent consulting company BDRC Continental and the British provider have drawn up a rating of countries where broadband internet is fairly cheap.

Belarus was listed seventh.

The specialists of the organized experiment studied the cost of broadband internet in 196 countries in the period from August to October 2017. The average cost for using the internet in each of the 196 countries was calculated and converted into US dollars. As many as 24 Belarusian providers were analyzed and

the average cost monthly cost of using the internet added up to about $12.77.

As a result, Belarus was listed seventh. The cheapest internet is in Iran, it costs only about $5.37 per month.

Nevertheless, the price on the most expensive internet package is rather astonishing.

The most expensive internet package for a month is in Burkina Faso, where it will cost you about $954.54 per month to use the internet.

Despite the internet being rather cheap in Belarus, it is far beyond having the fastest speed. The same companies drew up a rating of internet speeds in August of the current year; Belarus was listed 64th with an average internet speed of only 6.68 megabytes per second.

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