Official accusation presented to Ukrainian journalist Sharoiko

Official accusation presented to Ukrainian journalist Sharoiko

The detained Ukrainian journalist in Belarus has been presented official accusation under the article 358 of the Criminal Code (spying).

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The official representative of KGB Dmitry Pobyarzhin said that the Ukrainian journalist Pavel Sharoiko has admitted that he has been working for the Ukrainian reconnaissance in Belarus under cover. According to some information sources, journalist Sharoiko set up a whole chain of agents from Belarus, who, in their turn, for money rewards accomplished his tasks on collecting information in the military and political sector. The actions of Sharoiko were coordinated by a representative of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Igor Skvortsov, who has been working in the Ukrainian Embassy under cover. On October 25, 2017 he was deported from Belarus to Ukraine.

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What is more, a citizen of Belarus has been detained as well; he was spying within the interests of Ukraine. Nevertheless, at the moment it is not clear whether he has been presented official accusation in spying.

“The detained Belarusian citizen has admitted his fault”, explains Dmitry Pobyarzhin.

“He admitted that he was collecting and transferring information on the defense capability of Belarus upon the tasks set by the Ukrainian recognizance services. He has been charged upon article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (betrayal of Motherland).

The Belarusian TV Channel Belarus 1 broadcasted a video message of the Ukrainian to the Belarusian people, where he was saying how sorry he was for what he did.

“I want to offer my apologies to the Belarusian side. I want to say sncere words, that I am sorry for getting involved into illegal activity which could or already has inflicted harm to Belarus”, said Pavel Sharoiko.