Belarus gets its own cryptocurrency

Belarus gets its own cryptocurrency

It is not a secret for anyone that cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular today. At the moment as many as nine units are listed among the most popular cryptocurrencies.

The leader of the “rating” is Bitcoin.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies did not pass by Belarus, the first ever transaction using Biticon was made in Belarus in June of the current year. What is more, Belarus can now say that it has its own cryptocurrency Smart Taler.

Sergei Drobyshevsky, the partner of Insight and CryptoMarketing has told about the prospects of the first ever Belarusian cryptocurrency on the Belarusian and world markets.

“This currency is not known widely yet.

Everyone is waiting for the changes concerning digital economy in Belarus. What is more, if the points of the High Tech Park Decree are confirmed, Belarus will be among the most progressive countries in this sector”.

Dmitry also thinks that the clarity in high-tech sector and cryptocurrencies may attract more investors to Belarus. It is necessary to say that the Belarusian cryptocurrency stock market is already being seriously discussed. The expert added that it is today when it is necessary to do all the hard work in the high-tech sector. At the moment Belarus is at the point of making a decision, which will certainly strengthen the Belarusian economy fairly soon.