Belarusian explains why he shot in Gdynia

Belarusian explains why he shot in Gdynia

Belarusian Stepan Svidersky, who shot in Gdynia, was released from custody a week ago. Now he explained why he started shooting.

As Stepan Svidersky said, he has been engaged in sports shooting for several years and since the spring of 2017 he has had an official permit for weapons. He took it to work, but in cases or in a holster and never took it out. On that evening, Stepan was going to leave the office where he worked to a store and had weapons in his case.

But when he was dressing, "another person" grabbed the case. That man started to leave and did not react to Stepan Svidersky's remarks.

"I was forced to take steps to regain control over the weapon," Svidersky explains.

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According to Stepan, he ran after the man who carried his case with the gun. Probably, thus he took out a pistol. People who had not seen the beginning of the incident thought that Svidersky was attacking someone and called the police. He claims that he himself tried to call the police, but he was prevented from doing so.

The guy had to make "warning shots", but "in such a place and in such a way that nobody gets injured, even accidentally." Stepan emphasizes that the situation made him shoot.

"My behavior, my steps were taken to protect the weapon, which, according to the laws, I should have with me. I did not attack anyone, I did not threaten. From the very beginning of the incident and until the end I asked to call the police in order to finish this it," Svidersky said.

Friends began to collect money for Stepan, who lost his job after the accident. He faced up to life sentence for attempted murder, the Polish prosecutor's office said.