This Belarusian pranker gets millions of Youtube views

This Belarusian pranker gets millions of Youtube views

YouTube channel EASYVISION films pranks in the Minsk metro, checks unfamiliar people for stress resistance and collects millions of views.

Behind the channel EASYVISION are Minsk residents Alexander Brushkov and Maxim Martinchik. For the first time they filmed a video two years ago and began pranking people this winter. Now the channel has more than one hundred thousand subscribers, and the number of views of some videos has exceeded two million.

The guys put strangers in the subway in embarrassing situations, and the camera shoots their reaction. The prankers are sociable: they nap on unfamiliar person's shoulders, hug strangers, listen to music in other people's headphones and look into their smartphones.

One of the guys, Alexander, explains that thus he wants to reveal people's shortcomings and discourage them from doing what the prankers themselves do in the videos - look in other people's phones or sleep in the subway.

Most people respond to the pranks by simply smiling or laughing. Some just stand up and take some other seats. Alexander says that he has not had serious conflicts with anyone.

One of the most popular video of the pranker is the comparison of reactions of people in Russia and in Belarus. A bill of $100 "accidentally" falls on the ground. The video received 2 million views on YouTube. By the way, most people drew the guy's attention to the fallen bill.

Perhaps the most unpleasant experiment was when the guys left a plastic imitation of feces and watched people's reaction - almost no one noticed it. The second situation was when Alexander sat near subway passengers and turned on some porn on his tablet - random witnesses mostly giggled.

He explains that he wants people to mind their own business while in public places instead of looking into other person's phone.

"I do what I want. Why interfere with my personal space?" the man asks.

The blogger says he earns little from his videos but the main income is advertizing. Most of the income goes to new videos. In the future, Alexander plans to shoot social experiments on more serious topics.

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