Minsk Zoo animals gearing up for 2017/18 winter


Minsk Zoo animals gearing up for 2017/18 winter

Minsk Zoo animals are preparing for the coming winter.

Particular attention is paid to heat-loving animals and birds. The inhabitants met the first cold days without problems, and many animals are just waiting for this winter.

Most animals already have heat-insulated homes for winter. Workers say that porcupines, for instance, can live outside in winter, but they are still moved inside during snowy days, because their paws freeze otherwise.

Mongoose Leia was born already in the zoo and parents refused to bring her up, so the zoo staff had to nourish her from the beginning. Mongooses are among the first to be moved inside, since they are afraid of colds.

These rabbits lived in a petting zoo during the warmed season, but their coats don't help them against winter cold. Birds feel fine, too, the only problem is that their nibs freeze a bit. Cat species get undercoat in the winter, so they are in their most beautiful clothing now.

White lions gifted to the Zoo by the Belarus President's family also feel fine, we hope!

Come and visit the Minsk Zoo in winter! See address and more details here.

Watch these cute animals gearing up for winter in the video.

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