Domracheva: Ole and I live together with Belarus biathlon team


Domracheva: Ole and I live together with Belarus biathlon team

On the eve of the mass start race in Sweden, Daria Domracheva gave a short interview to a correspondent of the Russian television channel Match TV.

- Of course it's always cool to win, to be in the top three. But sometimes there are races when you can be pleased with your work, your race, despite not raising on the podium," said Domracheva.

- All off-season you have worked separately from the national team. What will change with the beginning of the season?

- Now we are joining a common group, working together, we are one team. As we were, we remain united. Well, before the season, I prepared almost entirely according to my own plans. My family situation had a great influence on this. A little child is traveling with us, and this is my return to sport. It is clear that the training should have been somewhat different.

- Is Ksusha in Ostersund?

- Yes, of course (the nurse helps the parents).

- So, you live together with Bjørndalen, and not with the national team of Belarus?

- We live together with the national team of Belarus. Together with Ole (the national teams of Norway and Belarus have settled in the same hotel). Naturally, we live in some hotels, and we all work together as a team. I spent several training camps with our girls. In Hochfilzen - the home of our Alfred Eder (Austrian coach of the Belarusian team). I'm satisfied with the work done.

- How do you like the track in Ostersund?

- I cannot say that the track is of the World Cup level. There was a lot of snow, a lot of unevenness, but I think the organizers will fix it.

- Are you worried before the start?

- Of course, the excitement is always present. But this is a good sign.

Norway won the mass start (0+13), while Italy finished in second (1+6) +5.3 and Germany were third (0+10) +6.4.

Belarus took only 11th place (2+11) +2:40.9 (Nadezhda Skardino / Daria Domracheva / Sergey Bocharnikov / Vladimir Chepelin).

Domracheva also commented on her first official race of the season:

- I'm used to setting maximum tasks, and therefore I have to admit that today I could perform better. Much more convincingly. However, I'm not going to dramatize anything, and I'm ready to say the phrase about the "first start of the Olympic season", which has its own specifics. Nobody said that it would be easy. In professional sports there is very little "simplicity", but there are many peculiarities. Every race has its own separate story. Everybody knows very well which competitions are the main ones in the Olympic season, but there are no unimportant races.