Belarus 5th at Junior Eurovision 2017, set to host 2018 show

Belarus 5th at Junior Eurovision 2017, set to host 2018 show

The final of the junior song contest Eurovision 2017 was held on November 26 in Tbilisi. Representative of Belarus Helena Meraai with the song "I am the one" took fifth place. This is a song about the fact that every person is a universe, everyone has a dream, in which one must necessarily believe. Russian Polina Bogusevich won first place, performing a song with a deep social message Wings.

Polina was born in July 2003 in Moscow. She is a student of the Academy of Popular Music of Igor Krutoy. In 2014 Polina took part in the first season of the project "Voice. Children", where she competed in the team of Dima Bilan. She is the winner of numerous competitions, including the holder of the diploma of the first degree of the international vocal competition San Remo for children and teenagers (2015).

Following the voting of the national jury and Internet users, the representative of Russia scored 188 points. The top three also includes Georgia (185) and Australia (172). Then the places were distributed in this way:

4. The Netherlands - Fource (156)

5. Belarus - Helena Meraai (149)

6. Armenia - Mikael Grigoryan (148)

7. Ukraine - Anastasia Baginskaya (147)

8. Poland - Alicia Rega (138)

9. Malta - Gianluca Cilia (107)

10. Serbia - Irina Brodic and Yana Paunovic (92)

Russia got the highest score - 12 points - from four countries: Portugal, Macedonia, Georgia, and Australia. Malta gave Belarus 12 points. In turn, Belarus delivered 12 points to Georgia. The jury of Armenia, Albania, Poland, Ukraine and Russia awarded the highest 12 points to the host country of the current Eurovision.

The Belarusian Syrian Helena Meraai was among the favorites to win the contest after the online voting.

Polina Bogusevich brought Russia a second victory at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. In 2006, the Tolmachev sisters won the song contest with Spring Jazz.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will be held in Minsk.

Photo: Wiwibloggs