Polesie toy factory signs contract with Disney

Polesie toy factory signs contract with Disney

New prospects for the Belarusian toy industry. The Belarusian plastic toy producing company “Polesie” has signed a contract with the world-famous company Disney.

What is more, “Polesie” is planning to produce a wide range of toys under the brands of Disney and Marvel in Belarus in 2018. “Polesie” company is based in a Belarusian town of Kobrin, it exports toys to more than 60 countries. The main buyers though are Russia, Kazakhstan and the EU. More than three thousand people work at this plant. The plant itself is quite profitable and has good prospects, in 2016 the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development invested 10 million euros into the development of the company.

“Polesie” has been working on the licensed market for a long time, for more than seven years he company has been producing constructors and sand toys under the brand “Smeshariki”. In the previous couple of years the company’s licensed list was supplemented by “Smurfiki”, “Miffi”, by Volvo toy cars and heavy machinery Mammoet.

The marketing department chief of the “Polesie” company said that the competition with the Chinese toy market is pretty high. He emphasized that China produces about 80% of the world’s toys and this competition will not be up to everyone’s strength.

“Nevertheless we compete on the toy market fairly well”, explains Andrei Marchuk, the chief of marketing department of “Polesie” company.

“Our company constantly analyzes the buyers; necessities and at the development stage, we add new elements, interactive functions, sound and light effects to the toy”.

The marketing specialist of “Polesie” toy company also added that the prime cost level doesn’t stay in one place in China and today toys with a lower price sell quicker than toys with a higher price. Therefore, “Polesie” decided to reduce the production of toys costing over BYN 35 and began producing more cheap toys.

Photo: polesie-toys.com