President Lukashenko praises Belarusian Geely cars

President Lukashenko praises Belarusian Geely cars

The first car has been manufactured in Belarus. What is more, Belarus is planning to create an electronic car in the future.

Alexander Lukashenko was presented a Geely car earlier, but it was assembled in China. Nevertheless, Alexander Lukashenko is sure that Belarus must catch up with the world leaders in car manufacturing.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
Actually, it is a good car. Not because I am the President and it is our car. It is a good car and has a presentable appearance- I am very picky to such things. The main thing that it is ours, it can be repaired here and so on, I spoke about it before.

However, I see the popular trend which erupted all of a sudden. Electronic cars. It is today that countries have set specific tasks for themselves. What is more, Germany, Great Britain set these tasks, where they used to drive combustion engine cars. You understand what it will take to change the things. They understood that there is nowhere to walk away, these cars have pure electricity energy. It is the future. And they will completely change over to electronic cars by either 2025 or 2030.

Belarus may stay behind. We have opened a new production line and we need to make electronic cars at the same time.

We need to do everything. We will produce this car without any problems. The engine has already been made; Deputy Premier Semashko can say more on this. Nevertheless, we need to produce an advanced accumulator which will charge and store energy. So that it would be enough to drive at a speed of at least 100 kilometers per hour for 500-600 kilometers. At this speed, not at 80-90. And we will do it. With China or alone, we will do it. However, we would like to do it with the People’s Republic of China.