President Lukashenko on current relations with Europe


President Lukashenko on current relations with Europe

During a working visit to the Gomel region, Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the cooperation of Belarus and Europe.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of the Republic of Belarus:
If you want to see Belarus a real bridge between the East and the West… Belarus is in demand today due to the events happening in Ukraine and the problematic relations between Russia and the Baltic states. Belarus, this territory of 800-1000 kilometers, has become a link between the East and the West. China trades with Europe through Belarus. What else is needed?

Nevertheless, I want our interests and you to be respected.

I will overcome this. You saw that I calmly overcame the period when we had many problems with Europe. I am alright. But I want my people and our interests to be respected and considered. Of course, Europe understood it; we will be developing our relations with them. I said it before: developed technologies we need, do they have them? The do. We are interested in it. We take these technologies and they render it to us.

They have enough of finances. We are not asking to finance us for free. To accredit (what we are actually doing at the moment)-thank you to them that they are giving us money cheaper than anyone else. Thank you. Russia helps and they do as well. Everyone takes loans. They have money, extra money. We borrow money from them and on this money buy technologies from them.

Belarus is interested in the European market which is highly paid and profitable.

If to sell Belarusian machinery, milk, meat there (as much as it is necessary), it is a very profitable and a bonus giving market. We also want to cooperate with them.