Belarusian marries in Egypt and dies soon after

Belarusian marries in Egypt and dies soon after

Belarusian Olga Chernetskaya, who died a week ago in the resort city of Hurghada, was buried in Egypt, the burial ceremony was held in the same city on Wednesday, November 23.

According to a friend and former beloved of Olga Chernetskaya Mohamed, the funeral was held according to Orthodox traditions. The coffin with the deceased was taken to the Orthodox church for a funeral service, then taken to the cemetery.

Among Olga's acquaintances, Mohamed himself was present at the funeral, as well as Olga's Orfi-husband Ahmed, and the Egyptian friend of Olga Mila.

"Yesterday I lost my love and my heart when I closed the last door. But she was not buried normally, I mean within five days," said Mohamed, who still feels feelings for Olga.

Olga's friend remains at a loss why the relatives did not come to Egypt to see off their loved one on her last journey. According to Mohamed, he and the husband of Olga paid for the funeral procedures. The cost was about $300.

Olga Chernetskaya died of a heart attack on the afternoon of November 4 in Hurghada. In the resort town, she spent almost a year with two children in her own apartment.

Soon the women's friends began to talk about the fact that the woman could be poisoned because of the three apartments she owned in Hurghada. The Egyptian police provided a statement to the Belarusian embassy that there is no criminal trace in this case.

Now in Hurghada are the young children of Olga Chernetskaya - five-year- old Matvey and four-year-old Katya . In Belarus, there is the only guardian of the kids - Olga's ex-husband. The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the guardianship authorities are handling the procedure for the return of children to their homeland. It's not known when the kids will arrive in Belarus.

The children are under the care of the Egyptian Orfi-husband of Olga and his official wife.