Belarusian tech staff prefers Apple, e-commerce store says

Belarusian tech staff prefers Apple, e-commerce store says

An online hypermarket shared statistics of online purchases of Belarusian IT engineers. The data concerns the last three months of 2017.

IT professionals fully justify the expectations of the profession: only 15 percent of buyers contacted the operator for ordering and the rest worked exclusively with the shopping cart on the website.

In addition, IT professionals are the first to support the trend of switching purchases to mobile platforms - 60% of transactions were made through mobile phones, 30 percent through desktop, and the remaining 10 percent were purchases from tablets.

Employees of IT companies most often bought goods related to a healthy lifestyle - they accounted for 14 percent of the total number of purchases.

Among them are sports trackers, inventory, air humidifiers and other similar things.

In second place are goods for repairs. IT professionals turned out to be a very "housewifely" category of buyers. About 12 percent of them at least once purchased something from the category "For repair and construction."

IT specialists are more often inclined to choose the latest technology innovations even in such "less innovative" categories as gardening.

The section of children's goods is almost not in demand: only 1% of purchases from the total.

Curiously, IT specialists are 10 percent more likely to buy Apple products than other residents of Belarus.

Among the most popular products in this category - iPhone 7, iPhone SE and there are those who purchase the restored iPhone 6S. And the most popular notebook model is the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

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In addition to engineering, electronics and sports goods, automobile tires is another popular category among IT professionals. They are usually ordered with home delivery, relieving of uncomfortable offline purchases.

Apparently, Apple's presence in the check is one of the factors affecting the total value of the average check: it is 23.5% percent higher than the average. Only four IT specialists out of 100 choose installments, which is much lower than the usual figure.

Photo: ASBIS Apple VAD CIS