First child arrhythmia surgery in Belarus successful

First child arrhythmia surgery in Belarus successful

The Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus Valery Malashko commented on the successful conduct of the first surgery in Belarus for the treatment of arrhythmia in a 5-year-old child.

First surgery to treat children with rhythm disturbances was held in the Children's Surgery Center on November 23. Previously, such surgeries were possible only for patients who reached adolescence. It was possible to significantly reduce the age threshold for surgical intervention thanks to new equipment that would radically help children with arrhythmia from the age of 5-6.

"By and large, this is the opening of a whole line for the treatment of a number of patients who will receive assistance in accordance with European standards," said the Minister of Health Valery Malashko before the surgery.

The Head of the Ministry of Health of Belarus also thanked the Russian colleagues who shared their experience during the surgery.

In addition, the minister expressed gratitude to representatives of the business community for funding the project.

"The opening of the cardiosurgical center played a revolutionary role in pediatric cardiac surgery in Belarus. It is the merit of the state that in due time we drew attention to the serious pathology of congenital and acquired diseases. I worked as a head physician of a children's regional hospital back then, and often we did not know what to do with such people, where to send these children," Malashko said.

In Belarus, about 5,000 children suffer heart rhythm disturbances, about 500 of them are in waiting list for surgical treatment. According to experts, in 95% of cases, congenital pathology can be completely eliminated with the help of one surgery.

Belarusian specialists plan to perform 80-100 such surgeries per year.