Product Hunt notices Belarus blockchain startup Smart Diploma

Product Hunt notices Belarus blockchain startup Smart Diploma

Belarusian projects are increasingly popular with the blockchain community. One of them got on the first page of the Product Hunt service. The product is called Smart Diploma.

This is a startup, which is dedicated to the pressing problem for some universities and employers - verifying the authenticity of university diplomas.

The startup is based on the blockchain technology. Universities make electronic confirmation of a diploma, which, thanks to a decentralized system, cannot be falsified.

In turn, the company's recruiter, hiring an employee, can make sure whether the competitor has graduated from Harvard, the Belarusian State University or Oxford.

Product Hunt chooses the best start-ups every day. Since the resource is popular with investors and other representatives of the IT industry, there is a chance that the Belarusian startup on the first page will be noticed by prominent people and it will help it develop.

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