2017 New Year Tree design in Minsk


2017 New Year Tree design in Minsk

Minsk authorities have shown examples of how they would decorate the Belarus capital for the New Year and what the main tree of the country will look like.

You can see the example in the pictures.

Works are to be completed by December 15. The rest of the city will be decorated by Catholic Christmas on December 25, so the city will appear in all its glory.

The main Christmas tree will be located in Oktabrskaya Square, decorated with toys made of light-dynamic panels and LED-based snowflakes.

Therefore, it will sparkle with lights in both daytime and at night. Such a system was used for the first time in the winter of 2016/2017.

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Similar light decorations can be seen on the fir trees near the Government House, the Minsk City Executive Committee building and the exhibition center on Pobediteley Avenue.

This year a new technology will be used: flat toys with the 3D effect. These will appear on many city firs. Each tree will be decorated differently, toys will not be the same on each tree.

Decorations will reflect the motifs for the Belarusian state flag and ornament. Chizhovka Arena will be also decorated since it will host the XIV Christmas International Amateur Ice Hockey Tournament (read more about it here).

Independence Square and October Square will be decorated as well as the territory near the Sports Palace, the Town Hall, the stela "Minsk - Hero City" and several avenues like Independence Avenue, Pobediteley Avenue, Dzerzhinskogo Avenue and Partizansky Avenue.

The Mill of Wishes will be located near the Palace of Sport as well as shopping arcades in the form of fairy-tale houses.

Gorgeous Gift compositions made of lights will be installed in Oktabrskaya Square.

Art objects in the form of Christmas trees and decorative elements with the image of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will be located at the stela "Minsk - Hero City".

A huge light clown will be installed near the Belarusian State Circus. Such figures as "Ball", "Tractor", "Gift", "Puck with a stick", "Book" and "Harp" are already installed in Minsk. The figures are lit up to 23 pm and are very economical.

Two glowing spheres will appear on October Square In addition to other figures. This is a place where tourists and Minskers like taking photos.

City authorities report that about 400 garlands will be used to decorate approximately 90 trees. In total there will be about 200 various thematic New Year figures in Minsk.

Photos: Minskreklama, tut.by