Belarus' Father Frost the most popular among former Soviet Union tourists

Belarus' Father Frost the most popular among former Soviet Union tourists

New Year is a celebration everyone is expecting with great excitement. New Year is an opportunity to start your life from the very beginning, to take up what you have always wanted to do or simply enjoy the magical atmosphere around you.

But is this celebration possible without the main character children and adults love? One can hardly imagine New Year without Father Frost, who brings presents to children and leaves them by the decorated fir tree.

Just some time before the main celebration of the year, the analytic agency TurStat has conducted a rating of the most popular Father Frosts in the CIS. The agency paid attention to the most visited residences of Father Frosts and Belarusian Dzed Maroz (also known as Father Frost) is considered to be the most popular.

Besides the Belarusian Dzed Moroz, Ayaz Ata from Kazakhstan, Shakhta Baba from Azerbaijan, Kakhand Papa from Armenia and Korbobo from Uzbekistan made it to the top fife popular Father Frosts in the CIS.

Nevertheless, there are a lot more Father Frosts in the CIS and the Former Soviet states which are no less popular. They are Mosh Krechun from Moldova, Saint Nikolai from Ukraine, Ayaz Baba from Turkmenistan, Boboi Barfi from Tajikistan and Tovlis Babua from Georgia.

New Year is a truly spectacular time and the Belarusian Ded Maroz and his granddaughter Snyagurka invite everyone who wishes to visit their residence and feel the magic of the celebration in the Belovezhskaya Puscha. The residence of Ded Moroz has several houses as the throne hall, the house of Snyagurka, a Treasure house where all the valuables are kept (letters, drawingas and presents from children), the Magic mill which turns bad deeds into dust and sand, the meadow of Twelve months. What is more, a live 40.5 meter New Year tree decorates the place and gives it magical touch. In the house of Ded Moroz you can try out traditional Belarusian dishes. Mother Winter suggests visiting her workshop and the Museum of ice.


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