Prices for New Year Trees in Belarus

Prices for New Year Trees in Belarus

New Year is not so far away! Certainly, what celebration will it be without a beautiful New Year tree?

New Year Tree Bazaars will start working from December 22.What is more, every district of the city will have its own big bazaar where everyone will find the ideal tree.

New Year trees will be sold till December 31 and the prices will depend on how tall the trees will be.

A natural tree from one to two meters will cost you about BYN 11.5-26. A tree from two meters and taller will be sold at a price from BYN 15-30.

Nevertheless, the prices on artificial New Year trees will be a lot higher. Trees up to 50 centimeters will cost you BYN 3.65-8.30, and BYN 10.30-39 for trees up to one meter. Then the prices will start to increase more, once again depending on how tall the tree is. The maximum price for a tree will be up to BYN 500, that is if you want to have a tree taller than three meters.

The best part of the New Year celebrations is decorating a tree. A fair “Kalaydny Kirmash” (Christmas market) will be held from December 15 till January 16 in Oktyabrskaya Square near the Sports Palace. There you can buy the prefect tree decorations for the magical celebration of New Year.

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